Lesson I - Conversation drill

Content description The tape consists of a compilation of studio (?) and field recordings. Track 1, which covers Lessons 1-4 of an early edition of the text (i.e., Introduction to Bengali), appears to have been done on at least three separate occasions. The last portion (beginning at mark 1 hour, 17 minutes, in the .wav file) was recorded by an American man (not Dimock) who reads both the English and Bengali tokens. (The recording is briefly interrupted by a little girl telling a story in English.) [Note: JJT is guessing that the name Samir Ghose is intented here.] Track 2 covers parts of Lessons 5-8. Dimock's voice is heard on the latter portion of the recording but another man's voice, speaking English, is heard in the earlier portion. Bhatttacharji reads the Bengali tokens.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Dimock, Edward (speaker); Unnamed male speaker(s) (speaker); Bhattacharji, Somdev (speaker); Ghose, Samir (speaker); Unnamed native spearker (female) (speaker); Dimock, Edward, et al. (author)
Notes The whistle, or tone, that pervades the beginning of the tape makes it clear that this cannot be the original but a copy of some of the other tapes in the "Early version" series (q.v.) The stock of the tape is of the Knight brand, model no. KN 50. The use of this stock puts the date of the recording at c. 1962. Some portions (especially the ones with Dimock's voice) may have been done on the U. of C. campus, others almost certainly in West Bengal. Only the label "Lesson 1 - Conversation Drill" is legible on the back of the box; the other notations, made in pencil, are nearly impossible to read.
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date c. 1962

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