Indian music

Content description The first section of Track 1 (30.5 minutes), which is from a phonograph record, begins with an unnamed English-speaking man introducing the three performers from South India (my spelling of their names is conjectural). The next cut (apparently excerpted from field recordings) (c. 46 minutes) consists of a man reciting texts (in Tamil, Sanskrit?). The next 16 minutes consists of excerpts of live music recorded in a public setting. The track concludes with a soloist playing a kind of flute. Track 2 consists entirely of a man reciting sacred texts (in Tamil? in Sanskrit?).
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Unnamed male speaker (speaker); Narayana, (Prof.) Swami (performer); Narayana, (Dr.) Menon (performer); Laku, Palgat (performer); Unnamed native male speaker (performer); Unammed instrumentalists (performer); Bolle, Kees (compiler)
Notes Tape is a dub from unidentified sources using the Knight brand tape, Model No. KN 50. The date and origin of the originals is unknown and the date of the dub is guesswork.
Discourse Type Singing
Creation Date c. 1962

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Indian music (Kees Bolle)