English speeches; English conversation (ENG (BL) 87.1 (OD))

Content description Contents: On 29 December 1940 a group gathers at an unnamed location to celebrate the day after the Harlequin Ball.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Unnamed male announcer (speaker); Anonymous male and female speakers (speaker)
Notes Phonograph record is a ten-inch, needle-cut, plastic disc of the Audiodisc brand, recorded on both sides. N.A. McQuown noted on the record sleeve that this is “Record 5”. [JJT has determined, based on listening to the recordings, that this disc was actually recorded before No. "4".] Note: The numerals "5-1" and "5-2", which are marked on the disc in wax crayon, appear to have been added to this and similar discs long after the recording; i.e., they are not the notations of anyone actually involved in the recording.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date 1940-12-29

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Recordings of Black English (1940) English United States