MYN 82.HHG.MSC.1.2 (OT)

Content description Contents:

Track 1: Juan Pedro, SANTA EULALIA, 3/8
Gaspar Bartolomé, SAN MATEO IXTATAN, 3/8
Sebastián Francisco, SAN SEBASTIÁN COATÁN, 5/8 [3/8?]
Pascual López García SAN JUAN IXCOY, 5/9
Vicente Raymundo, SAN PEDRO SOLOMA, 3/9 [5/9?]
Track 2: [Unerased discussion led by N.A. McQuown]
Object Type
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Pedro, Juan (consultant); Bartolomé, Gaspar (consultant); Francisco, Sebastián (consultant); López García, Pascual (consultant); Vicente, Raymundo (consultant); Unnamed male interviewer (interviewer); McQuown, Norman A. (interviewer)
Notes The handwriting on the back of the box is that of Norman A. McQuown. Tape is apparently reused: About 15 secs. of unerased material begins Track 1; there is an (unerased) lecture by McQuown on Track 2 [DO NOT DIGITIZE]. McQuown is heard on interviews 4 and 5.
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1962-03-08 1962-03-09

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