Kanjobal: a consonant study [disc five]

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Andrade noted on the sleeve:
Jacalteca -- 5
Informants: Francisco Pedro -- from Santa Eulalia
Lorenzo Castañeda -- from Santa Cruz Barillas
Subject: - Words containing the consonants ʃ, tʃ, s, ts, tʃʼ, tsʼ and the
retroflex fricative, affricative, and the affricative glottalized.

Side A - 1 - blank
A - 2 - Short list - p. 22
A - 3 - id. by another inf.
Side B - Long list - p. 20
B - 2 - id. by another informant
[Note: At this time is not clear which text is being referred to.--JJT, 1/13/15]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Pedro, Francisco (consultant); Castañeda, Lorenzo (consultant); Andrade, Manuel J. (researcher)
Notes Phonograph record is the original needle-cut field-recorded disc, with recording on both sides. The date of production is approximate.
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date c. 1935

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