Aqueros montagnos: chanson béarnaise

Content description Contents: A baritone, accompanied by a piano player, sings this song in French (and in another language)?
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Phébus (author); Descouzis, (Monsieur) [?] (singer); Unnamed piano player (performer)
Notes Phonograph record is the 10-inch, 78 rpm, monophonic lacquer Victor disc, cat. no. 63120-B, wtih the matrix numbers: 66120B and 6450h. This is apparently an acoustic recording, so the date must pre-date 1925, and the place of production is assumed to be France.
Discourse Type Singing
Linguistic Data Type Commercial Source
Creation Date c. 1924
Publication Date c. 193...?

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Aqueros montagnos--Chanson béarnaise French France