Samples from five Gulf States interviews (gathered and excerpted by Lee Pederson)

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Band 1: "Volusia County, Fla. (AX 156), male, Caucasian, age 56,
lower-middle class, IB, stock farmer"
Band 2: "Warren County, Miss. (DS 372), female, Negro, age 77,
indigent class, IA, domestic"
Band 3: "Warren County, Miss. (DS 372), male, Caucasian, age 87,
upper class, IIIB, bank trust officer and vice president"
Band 4: "Terrebonne Parish, La. (EF 421), female, Caucasian, age 35,
middle class, IIB, housewife, newspaper clerk"
Band 5: "Cameron County, Tex. (GD 584), male, Caucasian, age 43,
upper middle class, IIIB, land developer"
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Pederson, Lee (compiler); Unnamed interviewer (female) (interviewer); Unnamed male and female consultants (consultant)
Notes Tape was dubbed from the 1-mil copy on a five-inch reel prepared by L. Pederson and lent to the LLA by Raven I. McDavid; JJT, rec. eng., 6/20/77. JJT then separated each interview with a paper leader. Note: This copy was apparently returned to McDavid; i.e., it is NOT the tape titled "Excerpts from five Gulf States interviews...".
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date 1977-06-20

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