The structure of Old Irish ORIG (IRO 30.HMP1.1 (M))

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Part 1: Hamp pronounces words demonstrating consonants in various
positions; each word is glossed in English.
Part 2: Hamp reads noun paradigms from Strachan’s Old-Irish
Paradigms [...], pp. 2-16.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Hamp, Eric P. (speaker); Strachan, John (author); Bergin, Osborn (editor)
Notes Master is an edited studio recording done at the LLA in Autumn 1962; Donald H. Ledin, rec. eng. (and ed.?). Tape is still in good condition but the recording is somewhat marred by print-through and a mild record-head hiss throughout. The echoic effect heard on loud passages apparently resulted from Hamp’s voice bouncing off the glass window in front of him.--JJT 10/6/10
Hamp opens the recording with: “The following are illustrations of the structure of Old Irish.”
Linguistic Data Type Studio Recording
Creation Date 1962

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The structure of Old Irish (Hamp, 1962) Old Irish (to 900), English Ireland, British Isles