Zulu, Swazi and Xhosa (AFC 88.ZUL.1.1 (M))

Content description Side A: Zulu songs with musical bow/Zulu instrumental music; A. Ugubhu - musical bow: 1) Instrumental solo 2) “Siqom’ abant’ abahle”, antiphonal song 3) “Babulal’ imvan’ engenacala”, religious song 4) “Unomagundwane”, traditional narrative song; B. Umtshingo - transverse flute 5) Instrumental solo; C. Umakhweyana - musical bow 6) “Gugu lami”, topical song; 7 “Maye, maye babo!”, love song 8) “Wogijime, lashona”, topical song 9) “Izinkomo”, topical song; Side B: Zulu, Swazi and Xhosa vocal and instrumental music 1) “Ngibambeni”, Zulu love song accompanied by ugubhu bow 2) “Helele! Yisliphi leliyana?”, a young girl’s song 3-6) Solos on the Swazi makhweyane bow 7-8) “Ingcagca” and “Ngindzindze”, Swazi topical songs 9-10) Solos on the Xhosa umrubhe friction-mouth-bow 11) “Kalobelo” (Swazi) 12) “Ngiyamesab’ uLangwenya” (Swazi) 13) Solo on the jews-harp (Xhosa) 14-15) “Elukhalweni” and “Lutsandvo luphelile” (Swazi 16) Solo on the Xhosa isigankuri resonated bow 17) “Ye Make uLangwenya” (Swazi)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Unknown (performer); Rycroft, David (researcher)
Notes Tape was copied directly from the 33 ⅓ rpm mono disc, DL 111 638, lent to the LLA by Mr. Austen. (A copy of this phonograph record is kept in Regenstein Library.)
Discourse Type Singing

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Zulu, Swazi and Xhosa Zulu, Swati, Xhosa Africa, South Africa