War and peace: three excerpts

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1) Romanov reads “Knyaz’ Andrei” (from “Part 3” [?]).
2) Zhuravlev reads “Petya Rostov” (from Vol. IV, Pts. 3 & 4).
3) Shvarts reads “P’er i Natasha” (from Vol. IV, Part 4).
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Tolstoy, Leo (author); Romanov, Mikhail (speaker); Zhuravlev, Dimitrii (speaker); Shvarts, Anton (speaker)
Notes This tape consists of three tapes sent from the distributor (Russian Language Specialties)–tapes which were dubbed, in turn from, Soviet-era discs, numbered respectively: 1) D 007191-2, 2) D 6717-8, and 3) D 006901-2; tapes were wound off onto a seven-inch reel by JJT on 5/14/82.
Discourse Type Narrative
Creation Date c. 1963

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