Cuentos de Tenejapa (Tzeltal del Paraje de Xolej) [La Cañada], Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico) [transcription of the Spanish]

Content description Contents: Baroco's transcription of the Spanish-language summary of the stories that Hernandez Ch’en tape-recorded in his own voice (first in Tzeltal, then in Spanish) in Chiapas, December 1958
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Chen, Alonso Hernandez (consultant); Baroco, John Vincent (transcriber)
Notes Text is a photocopy of the microfilm of Baroco’s (Spanish) typescript of 1959 (see: Microfilm Collection of the Manuscripts on Cultural Anthropology, University of Chicago Library, MCMCA, Series XXXIV, No. 180). The text was originally a dittoed document, and it now consists of 51 pages plus a title page bound under hard cover.
Creation Date 1959-04-10 1976-04-15

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