Lecciones en Queckchí: Lecciones 1-9

Content description Images are of pages 1-46 from an unidentified textbook teaching Kekchí through Spanish. Phrases are presented in Kekchí alongside their corresponding Spanish meanings. Lessons are dedicated to themes such as adjectives, numbers, infinitives, transitive verbs, and past tense conjugation.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Unnamed author (author)
Notes Text consists of twenty-three 8.5" x 14" sheets photocopied on one side only from a (mimeographed?) original. Each "page" of the photocopy contains two pages of the book. Note: the title page is lacking; the title is supplied from the notes of N.A. McQuown.
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date c. 1979
Publication Date 1970's?

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Lecciones en lengua quekchí [Kekchí] Kekchí, Spanish Guatemala