Phonemic field work: a recording to accompany Chapter 18 in An introduction to descriptive linguistics (revised edition)

Content description Contents:

1) Gleason's notes on the use of the course material
2) Side 1, Band 1: Part One: The 53 items elicited, each spoken twice
3) Side 1, Band 2: Part Two: The contrasts commented on in the text
3) Side 1, Band 3: Part Three: Monotony tests for tones
5) Side 2, Band 1: Part Four: Testing tones in frames
6) Side 2, Band 2: Part Five: Minimal pairs for some interesting
phonemic contrasts in consonants
7) Side 2, Band 3: Part Six: Phonemic contrasts in the vowel system
8) Side 2: Band 4: Part Seven: A text
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Gleason, H.A. Jr. (editor); Ansre, Gilbert (consultant)
Notes Text is the booklet included with the phonograph record: it consists of fifteen 9.5" x 7.0" sheets imprinted on both sides and stapled together:
1) a title page, 2) a page of explanatory material and 3) 14 pages of script to accompany the disc. The text is to be found in the folder marked "PHO 4.1: Gleason", which is located in the Vertical File VF02.
Linguistic Data Type Commercial Source
Creation Date 1962
Publication Date 1962

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