Basic Mohawk vocabulary (St. Regis Reserve, Quebec/1969)

Content description Contents: A series of English-Mohawk word lists (page 22 contains the number system from “one” to “one thousand”, compiled by the Jesuit Father Michael Jacobs in Canada. [The Mohawk is rendered in a minimal romanized transcription with acute accents added.] It is unclear whether this text is the source for the audio files or if the audio files were transcribed and compiled to create this text.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Jacobs, Michael (compiler); Druke, Mary A. (researcher); LaFrance, Ted (consultant)
Notes Text [the LA has two copies] is a photocopy (22 pages plus a cover sheet) of a typescript apparently belonging to Susan Turk and lent by her to the LLA c. 1979.
Creation Date c. 1979
Publication Date c. 1979

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Basic Mohawk vocabulary (Hogansburg, NY, 1977) Mohawk, English Canada