Latin readings: volume I [album notes]

Content description Introduction to the background of the recordings; list of the authors and references to the excerpt(s) of each work read on the disc;
complete text of each excerpt [The recordings will be found under
the name of each author.]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Cicero (author); Caesar, Julius (author); Archipoeta (author); Horace (author); Virgil (author); Catullus (author); Lucretius (author); Terence (author); Plautus (author); Tacitus (author); Livy (author)
Notes Texts are: 1) a photocopy of the back side of the album sleeve, and 2) two photocopies of the booklet included with the album (containing a full text of each excerpt). The phonograph record is referenced separately in this catalog.
Creation Date 1979
Publication Date 1970

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Latin readings: Volume I Latin, English Holy See