Aguacatec texts (phrases and sentences)/(mechanically recorded and transcribed) by Manuel J. Andrade

Content description This is Andrade’s own (partial) transcription (done c. 1938) of the 1937 field recordings. Norman McQuown had Andrade's manuscript mircrofilmed in Regenstein and added to the Library's MCMCA collection on 15 Sept. l976. (The Library’s Reference No. is MCMCA Series XXXVI, No. 191). Note: “MCMCA” stands for “Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Cultural Anthropology”.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Andrade, Manuel J. (transcriber); Herrera, Margarita (consultant)
Notes Text consists of thirty-six 8.5" x 11" sheets photocopied on one side only from the microfilm (plus a cover sheet) and bound under hard cover. The contents include: 1) a cover page with reference to the microfilm location in Regenstein, 2) Andrade's index to the discs and texts, and 3) pp. 1-31, 33-35 and 37 of the transcriptions. (Note: it is not known why pp. 32 and 36 are missing.)
Creation Date c. 1976
Publication Date Date?/1976

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Aguacatec [Awakateko] texts (Andrade, 1937) Awakateko, Spanish Chiapas