Content description Contents=Track 2 of the tape, edited
Object Type Sound
Medium Sound
Notes This is a redigitization of Track 2 inasmuch as the former attempt was not done to standard. Tape was played at double speed (7.5 ips) on the TASCAM 42. The output of the Channel One jack was split, and the two mono signals were patched into the UCA202 device, which was connected via a USB cable to the iMac running Audacity. Given the extreme variations in gain level and the variant speeds throughout the track, JJT has had to digitize the track in five or more separate "takes". The first two narratives were recorded at some irregular speed (less than 3.75 ips), so JJT had to apply some subjective judgment to reducing the "speed: He first halved the speed, then further reduced it by 80%. The remaining recordings were all done at 3.75 ips, so they only had to be halved in "speed".
Creation Date 2017-05-23
Duration 00:52:08

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