Tramp i trall
Tres sonetos (Villaespesa)
Tri sestry
Tristan da Cunha speech [English]
Tsakonian: a Swadesh glottochronology test list with texts (Hamp, 1956)
Tswana stories [in English], recorded in South Africa (Comaroff, 1969-70)
Tucson dialect study (c. 1979)
Tudor Arghezi recită din versurile sale
Tumkul whistles and a chant (#122)
Tunisian Arabic basic course (Indiana University)
Turkish (World foreign language record series)
Turkish 201: Turkish pronunciation exercises
Turkish basic course
Turkish basic course: Units 1-30
Turkish for foreigners
Turkish grammar exercises (1962)
Turkish intonation (McQuown, c. 1953)
Turkish placement exam (1986)
Turkish stories and poems (McQuown, c. 1953)
Turkish: A communicative approach
Turkish: Basic course (Foreign Service Institute)
Twenty lectures on Chinese culture [Chicago version, c. 1973]
Twenty lectures on Chinese culture [Yale version, c. 1973]
Twilight crane
Two "recitados cómicos" (Jiménez)
Two Biblical passages read in English
Two comic monologs by Monsieur Zip [Paul Lack]
Two comic skits in Spanish
Two dialects of American English (McQuown, McDavid)
Two excerpts from plays by Alfred de Musset
Two Krenakôre myths (Schwartzman, 1981)
Two lectures on physical geography (Butzer, 1967)
Two Lukhi songs: “Ah-ha-bi-li” and a “Tibetan song”
Two short French narratives: "Le convoîteux...", etc.
Two short stories
Two soliloquies from Shakespeare, dramatized by John Barrymore
Two songs by Giorgos Mouzakis
Two songs in Catalán
Two stories
Two tales
Two tales by Maxim Gorkii
Two Tamil short stories, read by Rani Fedson
Two Tibetan texts
Two Turkish folktales, told in Turkish
Tzeltal X-rays
Tzeltal-Tzotzil survey: Cuestionario lingüistico (with N.A. Hopkins' cover letter)
Tzeltal: A collection of Andres Medina's Chanal interviews plus a session of band music (1959?)
Tzeltal: Aguacatenango stress patterns (Berlin, 1964)
Tzeltal: Esbozo de la fonologia del tzeltal de Tenejapa: Ejemplos (McQuown, 1962)
Tzotzil: Chilil recording (1961)