The Nicomachean ethics: Vocabulary tapes
The P.S. Ray collection: Documentation
The pronunciation of American English for teachers of English as a Second Language
The pronunciation of Russian (Glad, 1972)
The pronunciation of Urdu
The reading of modern Chinese I (for Chinese 317)
The rehearsal [a play for second-year Hindi]
The SONY centennial gift
The sounds of Chaucer’s English
The sounds of Chaucer’s English: a study pamphlet and script to accompany an instructional recording
The sounds of French (Bond, 1925)
The sounds of Russian (EMC)
The Spanish vowels and consonants (The LInguaphone Institute, c. 1935)
The story of how Eliza Kennedy and Lily Keewong got lost in the malee scrub
The story of Nala and Damayantī (Text I from Lanman’s Sanskrit reader)
The structure of Old Irish (Hamp, 1962)
The Taj Mahal
The tar baby: A reading by Raven McDavid (c. 1975)
The varieties of American English: Excerpts from VTRs of the same name
The voices of Yevtushenko and Voznesensky
The way to Danish
The “Kurt” tapes
Théâtre de toujours: Jean Cocteau: “Anna la bonne”
Theoretical foundations of American Sign Language Phonology (Diane Brentari’s PH.D. dissertation)
Think and talk German: a program based on the Berlitz method
Thomas Mann reads from “Tonio Kröger”
Thomas Mann spricht: zwei Erzählungen
Three addresses in Esperanto from Universala Esperanto-Asocio
Three Bontoc primers (L. Ried, c. 1968)
Three French poems: "La source", etc.
Three Hamp lectures on Balkan topics at a European linguistics conference c. 1971
Three Hindi films: Sara Akash, Tisri Qasam and Garm Hava
Three La Fontaine fables on disc
Three literary texts
Three Macedonian dialects (Aronson, 1957)
Three soliloquies from Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Russian
Three songs from the play Těžká Barbora
Three Spanish songs
Three stories for children (from the Panchatantra)
Thunder Storm: A play in four acts for students of Chinese (edited version) 1974-75
Tibetan readings class: 10/6/00
Tibetan: Phonetic discovery procedures
Titanic vals: Comedie de Tudor Muşatescu
Tlingit (Chilcat) recordings on disc (c. 1917)
Tojolabal texts (Louanna Furbee, 1971)
Tolowa vocabulary (and songs) (Seaburg, 1977)
Tonkawa: Songs, stories and grammatical materials (c. 1935)
Topaze: Selected scenes from Acts II-IV
Torwali field recordings (Elena Bashir)
Totonac phonemics (McQuown, c. 1958)