Spoken Spanish: Basic course: Units 1-12
Spoken Tamil: Supplementary materials
Spoken Thai: Basic course: Units 1-12
Spoken Turkish: Basic course (U.S.A.F.I.): Book I: Units 1-12
Spoken Yucatec Maya, by Robert Blair and Remigio Vermont-Salas; Yucatán Maya
Spoken-literary Kannada (c. 1966)
Sprachkurs Tschechisch: Taschenlehrbuch mit drei Schallplatten
SPSS for Windows made simple
Srpskohrvatski za strance-početni
Standard colloquial Bengali
Stann Creek Black Carib; Stann Creek Garifuna
Stantsionnyi smotritel'
Statistics: A comprehensive review
Steaua fără nume de Mihail Sebastian
Steaua fara nume: Piesa de Mihail Sebastian
Stories by Colette
Stories from Karpanaikkatu, by Rajaji; Tamil language study series 4
Stories from the Lausbubengeschichten
Stories from the Táin: “How Cú Chulainn came to Emain Machae”
Story of the double bind (Grof Workshop at Esalen)
Strange stories from a Chinese studio
Student's French exam on an aluminum disc (c. 1934)
Students ask questions of Ralph Ellison (A symposium held at the University of Chicago c. 1993)
Stůj břzo zelená, Jaroslav Hutka
Sur l'eau (L'esprit du mot) (G. de Maupassant)
Sur la bonne voix: a communicative approach to literature
Survey of psychotherapeutic methods (American Academy of Psychotherapists Tape Library)
Susan Goldin-Meadow research: Jacqueline tapes
Susan Goldin-Meadow research: Kurt tapes
Sven Bertil Taube sings Evert Taube (with Evert Taube reading his own translation of four Shakespeare sonnets)
Svensk, svenska: Nybörjarbok
Svenska folkmål: Autentiska inspelningar ur Landsmålsarkivens samlingar
Svenska ljud (Linguaphone Institute)
Svenska utifrån
Swahili basic course (F.S.I.)
Swedish pronunciation (G. Franzén, 1963)
Swedish vowel exercises [in two parts]
Szeged [A guide in sound]
Tá paramythia tes NINAS
Ta paramythia tes Theias Lenas
Tagalog: samples sentences (and narrative)
Talk in Bengali: Prof. Edward C. Dimock speaks on the Voice of America (c. 1960)
Tamil language study series 2; The “Jim and Raja” conversations (revised 1989): Version for comprehension [partially edited]
Tamil language study series 2; The “Jim and Raja” conversations (revised, 1989): Version for repetition [unedited]
Tamil language study series 3; The "John-Gopaalan" conversations (revised, 1989) [unedited]
Tamil permission forms
Tamil pronunciation drills
Tape for Linda Camras study for analysis by MSZ and BKT
Tape lessons to accompany Intermediate Nepali reader [on cassette]
Tape lessons to accompany Intermediate Nepali structure [on cassette]