Smert’ Ivana Il’icha, read by John Glad
Sneg, by K. Paustovsky
Social Science 101 & 102 lectures
Social Science 121-122-123 lectures
Social Science 123 lectures
Social Science 301 lectures: Methods in the social sciences
Social, cultural, and linguistic change in the highlands of Chiapas
Sociocultural aspects of linguistic distributions: A preliminary study of Tzeltal and Tzotzil dialects
Solo para mujeres: Reflexiones sobre el amor conyugal
Some Ubykh words showing some interesting phonemic oppositions (Vogt, 1959)
Sonata romantica
Sonetos (Calderón, Lope de Vega, Anonimo); Three sonnets in Spanish
Songs and stories in Yucatan Maya (David Bolles’ compilation)
Songs of the Patuas (or Citrakaras) of Tamluk, Midnapore District, West Bengal
Songs of The University of Chicago (from Special Collections)
Souhaits d’auvergnats (and) La conquête des airs [incomplete]
Soula Birbili sings the great hits of Mikis Theodorakis
Sound and fury: The communication wars of the deaf
Sounds in Norwegian (Anglo-Norse Society, c. 1970)
Sounds of Spanish on aluminum discs [Album No. 1]
Sounds of Spanish on aluminum discs [Album No. 2]
Sounds of Spanish on aluminum discs [Album No. 3]
SoundScriber recording discs
Souret tah (and) Souret el essra [Suras #20 and #17 from the Qur’an]
Southern Sierra Miwok: Vocabulary and narrative (Berkeley)
Sovietskii chelovek v kosmose
SPA 103: “El festival vaso”
Spanish as spoken by natives of Santa Eulalia and Barillas
Spanish for oral and written review (second edition)
Spanish from minidiscs
Spanish language course (E.A. Peers)
Spanish lessons (Mexico 1967)
Spanish literary excerpts (Linguaphone series)
Spanish literature on aluminum discs (1930s)
Spanish pronunciation and intonation (Linguaphone)
Spanish tales and dialogues
Spanish: Basic course: Units 1-30
Spanish: Two experimental records
Speak and read modern Greek
Speak and read modern Greek: drills
Speak Chinese (Chao and Yang, c. 1971)
Speak Chinese (specially revised version, 1980)
Speak Chinese: Comprehension stories
Speak Chinese: Exercises for lesson 7 (revised)
Speak Chinese: Supplementary vocabulary
Speak Chinese: Supplementary vocabulary and “Q and A for Lesson 7”
Speak Chinese: Supplementary vocabulary: Lesson 11
Speak Taiwanese Hokkien: Book I
Speaking Chinese: Supplementary vocabulary [numbered series]
Speaking Korean, Books I and II