San Bartolo: The Trio San Bartolo performs (1958)
San Bartolo/Chanal/Oxchuc
San Carlos Apache examples (D. Bartholomew, c. 1955)
Sanskrit excerpts (from All-India Radio c. 1955)
Sanskrit grammar: Lessons 1-28 [incomplete]
Sanskrit miscellany [Bhagavad Gita and Valmiki Rāmāyana excerpts]
Sanskrit recitation (Pollock, 1984)
Satirical works of Dehkhoda
Satyajit Ray answers questions [in English] (University of Chicago, 1973)
Say it correctly in Russian
Say it correctly series: Portuguese; Say it correctly series: Portuguese
Say it in Portuguese
Scenes from Hamlet and Macbeth
Scenes from Norwegian plays
Scottish Gaelic: Cowal (AB) (Hamp, 1984)
Scottish Gaelic: Cowal (DM) (Hamp, 1984)
Scottish Gaelic: Grammar drills (Bosch)
Scottish Gaelic: Inner Hebrides (Hamp, 1958)
Scottish Gaelic: Interview with Lucy MacDonald (Hamp, 1992)
Scottish Gaelic: Kintyre (DK) (Hamp, 1984)
Scottish Gaelic: Kintyre (GT) (Hamp, 1984)
Scottish Gaelic: Sutherland survey (Hamp, 1956)
Second year Japanese class tapes
Second-year Chinese readings
Second-year Hindi conversation
Secret of a wild child [a NOVA program]
Secret of the wild child (PBS, 10/18/94)
Selected languages of Huehuetenango: The 100-word lists (McQuown, 1964)
Selected poems of Lars Bäckström
Selection from Hjalmar Söderberg’s Historietter : “En herrelös hund”
Selections from “Gísla Saga Surssonar” (modernized version)
Selections from An Arabic reader
Selections from Cicero (dramatized by R.P. Sonkowsky); The living voice of Greek and Latin literature
Selections from Låt mig berätta
Selections from Öppen stad, by Lars Bäckström
Selections from Tage Danielsson’s Sagor för barn över 18 år
Selections from the Icelandic sagas
Seminar on Indian literature (c. 1963)
Seneca thanksgiving rituals
Sentence translation and grammaticality judgments in Buglé (Cisneros, 2013-14)
Sentence translation and grammaticality judgments in Guaymí (Cisneros, 2013-14)
Serbo-Croat for foreigners (Kolorac People’s University)
Serbo-Croatian 1 and 2
Serbo-Croatian language guide for tourists [for speakers of English, French, German, Russian and Italian]
Serbo-Croatian pronunciation (7/24/59)
Serbo-Croatian Voice of America
Serbo-Croatian Voice of America (1956/Kazazis roundtable 1960)
Serbo-Croatian: basic course: volume I (units 1-25)
Sesiones linguisticas: English-language series (c. 1961); The Chiapas Project
Sesiones linguisticas: Spanish-language series (1961)