Readings in Arabic poetry F.M. (with pauses for repetition)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Anonymous native speaker (male) interprets four poems: 1) “Law kunti fi Madrid”, by Nizar Qabbani; 2) “Turidin”, by Nagib Surur; 3) “Al-Masih w-al-lusus”, by Nagib Surur and 4) “Wajh bayn hitha’yn”, by Muhammad al-Maghut. The speaker reads each poem twice: the first time fluently, then with pauses for student repetition.
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is a salvage copy made on 2/5/85 from the original studio recording of 11/4/75. WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
This collection has no playable audio.
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Readings in Arabic poetry F.M. Qabbani, Nizar (author); al-Maghut, Muhammad (author); Surur, Nagib (author); Anonymous native speaker (male) (speaker) 1/4 inch audio tape
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