L’Honneur des poètes: Four French Resistance writers

Collection Descriptive Notes
Four poets--heard in recordings made in 1944--rally the French during the Occupation and in the waning days of the Second World War.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph record is the 12-inch, 33 1/3 rpm, monophonic vinyl Folkways Records disc, cat. no. FL9944. Album includes a pamphlet with descriptive notes and the poets’ texts in French and English. (Gift of the Kostas Kazazis estate to the LLA on January 28, 2003.) WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
Eluard, Paul; Louis Aragon; Albert Camus;
and François Mauriac
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
L’Honneur des poètes: four French Resistance writers Eluard, Paul (author); Aragon, Louis (author); Camus, Albert (author); Mauriac, François (author); Franco-American Cultural Exchange (developer) Record