Tá paramythia tes NINAS

Collection Descriptive Notes
Read in Greek: “The Christmas tree”, “The eve of the New Year”, “A little pig with feathers”, “The hen with the red eggs”, “The donkey and the doll”,;“The animals at school”, “The miracles of jealousy”, “The little actress”, “The proud rabbit”, “The servant and the master”, etc.
Collection Technical Notes
Skoras, Daphne; Loukianos Rozan; Rena Galanis;
Lefteris Trakadas; and Mirka Polizou
This collection has no playable audio.
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Tá paramythia tes NINAS Routso, Nick (author); Skoras, Daphne (speaker); Rozan, Loukianos (speaker); Galanis, Rena (speaker); Trakadas, Lefteris (speaker); Polizou, Mirka (speaker) Record