Cofán: M.L. Cepek’s field recordings from Ecuador (2001-02)

Collection Descriptive Notes
In Quito and Zabalo, Ecuador, Cepek conducts anthropological interviews mostly with expatriate Americans and native speakers of Cofán from Zabalo and Doreno.
Collection Technical Notes
Cassettes are the original field recordings, which Cepek donated to the LLA. The code in the form “Cofán #N” stands for a particular (anonymous) individual. (Cepek almost never pronounces the name of the interviewee.) Wherever the initials “FM” appear on a label, the reference is apparently to the Field Museum in Chicago. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Mendua, Mauricio; Bobbie Borman; Luis Mendua; Leoncio Aguinda; Eduardo Yiyoguaje; Enma Chica; Hugo Lucitante; et al., consultants
This collection has no playable audio.