Jacaltec texts [with film] (Christopher Day, 1964-65)
Jacaltec texts, recorded on aluminum discs (and tapes) (Andrade, 1935); Q'anjob'al texts; Textos Kanjobales, recorded on aluminum discs (and tapes) (Andrade, c. 1935)
James Schevill: Lecture and poetry reading (November 1957)
Japanese [U.S. Armed Forces Institute]
Japanese 213: “Sony”
Japanese 311 “Yama No seikuraba” (A collection of children’s stories)
Japanese accent and Visi-Pitch
Japanese conversation (Christopher Ball, 2001); Research on Japanese linguistics (2001)
Japanese conversational series with "Colloquial Japanese" (Modernophone)
Japanese EFL at the University of Chicago (1995-1998)
Japanese phonetics (Landahl)
Japanese proficiency tests [Karen Landahl research]
Japanese samples: Wataru/Rodolfo
Japanese testing tape
Je plains le temps de ma jeunesse..., Ballade des dames du temps jadis (and) Ballade pour prier Nostre Dame
Jean Ricardou: naissance d'une fiction: La prise de Constantinople
Jean Richard
Jean-Bertrand Aristide: “The political future of Haiti” (5/31/94)
Jean-Louis Barrault parle: profession de foi de comédien
Jedermann: Das Spiel vom Sterben des reichen Mannes
Język polski dla cudzoziemców: Csęść I; Polish for foreigners: Part I
John Sims on personality and profession; Social Science 122
Jorge Luis Borges: interview for the USICA; (International Communication Agency United States of America)
Jorge Negrete songs
José Lezama Lima reads from his own works
José María Arguedas: texts and songs [in Spanish and Quechua]
Joseph Toth interviews Eric Hamp about his field research, primarily on the Albanian diaspora (2003-05)
Joseph Toth’s demonstrations of Sony’s analog and digital portable tape recorders
Journey in Germany
Juan Rulfo: Two short stories
Judeo-Spanish: A Swadesh glottochronology (Hamp, 1956)
Judy Meyer's films
Julian Pitt-Rivers conducts anthropological research in and around Pinotepa Nacional (Oaxaca State) (1965)
Juryen vil nå trekke seg tilbake (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
K. Kazazis tests native Greek speakers on their readings from the Gospels
K. Landahl: Introduction to phonetics course
K’iche’ dialect survey; Quiche dialect survey (Wick and Cochojil, 1964-65)
K’iche’ dialect survey; Quiche dialect survey: Supplemental tapes
K’iche’ Maya texts; Quiche Maya texts on aluminum discs (Andrade, c.1933)
Kabul storyteller [excerpts]
Kalaallisut [“Greenlandic Eskimo”] speaker is interviewed by Eric P. Hamp, et al. (1969-70)
Kannada: Swadesh list (Landahl, c. 1975)
Kapitanskaya dochka (L. Leonidov, c. 1965)
Karen’s vowels
Kayapó sound tracks (Turner, c. 1979)
Kazazis and L. Pentheroudakis converse in Greek (and English) (October 1981); Kazazis and Petrokheilos [conversations in Greek, February and March 1968]
Kazazis and Petrokheilos converse in Greek (1968)
KCBS program of December 27, 1966, on the Berkeley student revolt: a roundtable discussion with George Stocking, Fred Best and Rex Collings