Interview of Prof. Eric Hamp by Robert Lodge for the Voice of America (February 14, 1973)
Interview with a h’men (Bolles, c. 1985)
Interview with speakers of Tosk Albanian from Përmet
Interviews in Guerrero Nahuatl (J.D. Amith, 1982-1985)
Interviews in Jamaican English (S. Mufwene, 2001)
Interviews in Krenak (Borun) and Kamaiuré
Interviews with Lillian Hellman by Richard Stern, May 21, 1958
Introducción al Kichua de Imbabura
Introducción al nahuatl clasico: Ejercicios (McQuown, 1976-79); Introduction to classical Nahuatl
Introduction to Bengali [early version c. 1962)]; MISC: Calkins / Bengali
Introduction to Bengali, part I
Introduction to Bengali, Part I [Dacca dialect]; Introduction to Bengali, Part I [Dhaka dialect]
Introduction to Hindi grammar (University of California, Berkeley)
Introduction to Japanese
Introduction to Nepali (based on T.W. Clark’s first-year course)
Introduction to spoken Telugu (Lisker)
Introduction to the Polish language: Lessons 1-13 (plus supplemental text); "Przeczucie Profesora Tutki"
Introduction to the Sanskrit language (Berkeley, 1984)
Introduction to Ukrainian
Introductory Hindi: Three fairy tales (1992)
Introductory Malayalam: Conversations, series 1
Introductory Russian grammar
Introductory Tamil; The “Jim and Rajah” conversations [1967-72]: Version for repetition
Introductory Tamil: Descriptive narratives, read in formal Tamil
Introductory Tamil: The “Jim and Raja” conversations [1972] (version for comprehension) ; ; The “Jim and Rajah” conversations [1976]: Version for comprehension
Introductory Tamil: The “Jim and Rajah” conversations [1978] (version for repetition) ; The “Jim and Rajah” conversations [1978] (version for repetition)
Introductory Tamil: Three stories
Introductory Urdu reader: Phonetic drills
Introductory Urdu: Volume I: Grammar drills
Introductory Urdu: Volume II: Texts
Inupiaq ["Eskimo"]: A story of “Just-the-Head”
Inventory of the motion picture films in the LLA archives
Invitation to German poetry
Invitation to Italian poetry: 34 works by 21 poets from St. Francis of Assisi to Salvatore Quasimodo
Invitation: French for communication and cultural awareness (second edition)
Ion Minulescu: Versuri
Ionych [a short story]
Irish Gaelic from de Burca
Irish sounds (Linguaphone Institute)
Italian 202 video project
Italian Consortium Project
Italian fairy tales (Grammofono)
Italian interviews
Italian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Argentinean, Chilean folk songs
Italiano - I suoni
Itoo, oru kaatal katai
Itsȧyȧʼyȧ ka Piʼswa; Nez Percé: "Coyote and Rock", a story told by Archie Phinney
Ixil: "How the people of Ilom lost their lands": Narrative and discussion (1975)
Ixil: A story told by Ẍul ’Anay (1972)
Ixil: A Swadesh list for Chajúl (1972)