German: supplementary course material:; “An der Angel”;
Ghazals of Saʻdi and Maulavi
Gheg Albanian interview (Hamp, Rečice, c. 1963)
Gheg vocabulary: Tetovo, Macedonia (Hamp, 1961)
Glenn Ward Dresbach, interviewed by Thorpe Menn and Edsel Ford
Glossolalia samples
Goethe: Two poems
Goldsmith interviews
Good American pronunciation
Gorlo Shalyapina (and) Oshibka Sal'vini, read by the author (I. Andronikov)
Gorum field recordings (with one Gadba passage); Parenga field recordings
Gorye [a short story]
Gottfried Benn liest Gedichte und Prosa
Graded readings in Modern Literary Telugu [unedited]: Lessons 1 & 3-5
Graded Spanish readers, Book I: “Amalia”
Graded Spanish readers: “Zalacaín el aventurero”
Gramatica de la lengua totonaca (N.A. McQuown, 1940, 1983)
Grassfields Bantu fieldwork: Dschang
Gravity without levity: A lecture given at the CHIPHON 97 conference by L. Landahl and E. Hamp
Greek language and people
Greek poetry [bibliography]; Hellenika poiēmata [bibilography]
Greek popular songs (Hatzidakis, et al.)
Greek sentence prosody (Moutsos)
Greek songs
Greek: basic course (F.S.I.): Lessons 1-50
Gregory Bateson Archive: A guide/catalog (1987); Natural history of an interview
Gregory Bateson lectures
Gros chagrins (G. Courteline)
Group discussion: "How does someone become a friend?" (1965); Interview microanalysis
Guatemalan and Mexican music
Gullah field recordings (S. Mufwene, 1986-87); Sea Island Creole English
Günter Grass liest aus Die Blechtrommel; Siegfried Lenz reads four stories from How gentle was Suleyken
Gutob field recordings (Zide-DeArmond, 1962-64);
Guy Béart
Gyurga Pindjourova sings Bulgarian folk songs
H.B. Sarles interviews monolingual Spanish speakers in Chiapilla; The Chiapas Project
H.C. Andersen: Karin Nellemose læser “Den grimme ælling”, “Børnesnak”, “Grantræet”
Hagi Tudose, adaptare de Traian Stoica
Hamlet [the Richard Burton version]
Handbook of English intonation [on discs]
Handbook of Tibetan
Handbuch der litauischen Sprache (A. Senn)
Hatzidakis: six folk paintings, epigraph, etc.
Hausa: Narratives and conversation; Linguaphone language courses
Hebrew sounds; names and places (Linguaphone language courses)
Hebrew: basic course (Foreign Service Institute)
Heinrich Heine
Hekabe, by Euripides; The living voice of Greek and Latin literature
Helene Copel interprets four poems by Paul Verlaine
Helene Weigel liest Brecht