Yucatán Maya; Yucatec Maya recordings on aluminum discs (Andrade, c. 1933): Words and phrases

Collection Descriptive Notes
Male native speaker voices words, phrases and whole sentences without giving any introduction or slates. (Only McQuown's notations on the sleeves provide any information on these discs.)
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records are three 10-inch, needle-cut discs that form a subset of Andrade's Yucatec recordings of the early 1930s and which he numbered 118, 119 and 120. Note: the sound quality of these recordings is extremely poor, and their features (like the "knocking sounds" after each utterance) mark them out as different from all the other discs attributed to Andrade. A clue from the "Bacalar" recording (YCT 49.BLR.AND.1.1 (OD)): this disc and the three above were apparently dubbed from cylinders. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.