Indian music (Kees Bolle)

Collection Descriptive Notes
A collection--from both a phonograph record and field recordings--that covers some music but mostly recitations of (sacred?) texts. (The language(s) of the recitations remain(s) to be determined.
Collection Technical Notes
This tape was dubbed at the University of Chicago c. 1962 from six field-recorded tapes lent by Kees Bolle. The name "Skip" pencilled on the back of the box may refer to a technician who worked in the Old Lab in Classics.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Indian music Unnamed male speaker (speaker); Narayana, (Prof.) Swami (performer); Narayana, (Dr.) Menon (performer); Laku, Palgat (performer); Unnamed native male speaker (performer); Unammed instrumentalists (performer); Bolle, Kees (compiler) 1/4 inch audio tape