Introducción al nahuatl clasico: Ejercicios (McQuown, 1976-79); Introduction to classical Nahuatl

Collection Descriptive Notes
Norman A. McQuown voices (in Spanish) the 48 exercises he has adapted from the Workbook that accompanies J. Richard Andrews' Introduction to Classical Nahuatl . The exercises require the student to translate the Nahuatl sentences into Spanish. (The workbook was published in 1975 by the University of Texas Press (Austin and London).)
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes consists of the studio recordings made at the LLA in 1976-79. JJT has numbered these tapes serially with two interpolated tapes (6a and 13x). Pp. 205-693 of the "recording script" are now scanned. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
McQuown, Normal A.
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Title Contributor Medium
Introduction to classical Nahuatl Andrews, J. Richard (author) Text
Introduction to classical Nahuatl: workbook Andrews, J. Richard (author); McQuown, Norman A. (editor) Text
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