U of C heritage recordings

Collection Descriptive Notes
Track 1: U of C songs, Side A;Track 2: U of C songs, Side B;Track 3: Art as Our Heritage;Track 4: Clark - The Owl;Track 5: Clark - Over in the Meadow;Track 6: Clark - 1, 2 & 3;Track 7: Hutchins, Disc 1, Side A;Track 8: Hutchins, Disc 1, Side B;Track 9: Hutchins, Disc 15a, Side A;Track 10: Hutchins, Disc 15a, Side B;Track 11: Hutchins, Disc 15b, Side A;Track 12: Hutchins, Disc 15b, Side B;Track 13: Hutchins, Disc 15c
Collection Technical Notes
Hutchins, Robert Maynard; et al.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
U of C heritage recordings Robert Maynard Hutchins, et al. (recorder) CD