Spanish literature on aluminum discs (1930s)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Various professors (?) at the University of Chicago voice short, classic texts of Spanish literature.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records are needle-cut aluminum discs almost certainly done on the University of Chicago campus in the 1930s (for what purpose is unknown). (They may be associated with Prof. S.N. Treviño of the faculty.) The meaning of the numbers such as "18-18" scratched on some of the discs is unknown. (Clarence E. Parmenter Collection) (Unreviewed) WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
“No me mueve” Anonymous (author); Unnamed male speaker (speaker) Record
18-17 Garcilaso de la Vega (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Campoamor, Ramón de (author) Record
Abenámar; Lope de Vega: Judit Lope de Vega (author); Unnamed male speaker (speaker) Record
Azorín: La ruta de don Quijote Azorín (José Martínez Ruiz) (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker) Record
Bécquer: Del salón; Machado; Calderón Bécquer, Gustavo Adolfo (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Calderón de la Barca, Pedro (author); Machado, Antonio (author) Record
El gattero de Gijón Campoamor, Ramón de (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker) Record
Frontaura: Las tiendas; Juanita...: 18-15 Frontaura, Carlos (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Valera, Juan (author) Record
Gutierre de Cetina; Jorge Manrique Cetina, Gutierre de (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker) Record
La ruta de Don Quijote Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Cervantes, Miguel de (author); Fray Luis de Granada (author) Record
Loco Azorín (José Martínez Ruiz) (author); Machado, Antonio (author); Bécquer, Gustavo Adolfo (author); Higueras, Modesto (author) Record
Machado: Castilla Machado, Manuel (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker) Record
Moça tan fermosa (Santillana); No me mueve (Anonimo) Santillana, Marques de (author); Unnamed male speaker (speaker) Record
Moça; Abenámar; No me mueve Anonymous (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) [1] (speaker) Record
Modesto Higueras: Quevedo letrilla...: 91-81 Lope de Vega, Félix Arturo (author); Quevedo, Francisco de (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker) Record
Quē hace Vd. / Treviño Unknown (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker) Record
R. Darío: La princesa está trista 18-18 Darío, Rubén (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) [2] (speaker) Record
Rubén Darío: La princesa está trista 4-1 Darío, Rubén (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker) Record
Una cena: 18-13 Baltasar del Alcázar (author); Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker) Record