Mam texts on aluminum discs (and tapes) (Andrade, 1937)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Manuel Andrade records various native speakers, whether responding to questions or engaging in conversation. (In this contexts a "text" is any discrete passage of speech.)
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records are 309 needle-cut discs (most are aluminum, but five belong to the "silveroid" type) gathered in Guatemala by Manuel Andrade in 1937. A subset of 17 discs (Nos. 254 to 270) were dubbed onto tape in the Old Lab c. 1955. The whole set was dubbed onto audio tape in the 1970s by Donald H. Ledin, who used a professional turntable. (It is his voice that is heard on the tapes.) For the purpose of digitizing, the tapes were used in preference to the discs since Ledin's dubs sounded better than the playback on the DMA's turntable. WAVE files are converted to MP3s, but 22 of them could use a re-examination.
Various Mam consultants
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Mam Texts Andrade, Manuel J. (researcher); McQuown, Norman A. (compiler) Text
mam-018 Sound
mam-hpeck85-4b Sound
mam-031 Sound
mam-029 Sound
mam-028 Sound
mam-027 Sound
mam-026 Sound
mam-001 Sound
mam-017 Sound
mam-016 Sound
mam-015 Sound
mam-014 Sound
mam-013 Sound
mam-010 Sound
mam-009 Sound
mam-008 Sound
mam-007 Sound
mam-006 Sound
mam-005 Sound
mam-004 Sound
mam-003 Sound
mam-002 Sound
mam-041b Sound
mam-041a Sound