Voice of America newscast in Albanian of 1/20/96, including an interview with “Albanolog”, Eric P. Hamp

Collection Descriptive Notes
About 21 minutes into the “Noon Show" of the Voice of America in Albanian, Mr. Hamp is interviewed (in Albanian) via telephone. He initially says a few words in Albanian, then switches to English.
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is the copy sent from the Voice of America (Washington, DC) and donated to the LLA by Hamp in May 1997. In line with the notation on the Ethnologue website (i.e., that Tosk is the official dialect of Albania since 1952), Tosk is the dialect chosen here. WAVE file is converted to an MP3.
Hamp, Eric P.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Albanolog... MASTER COPY Hamp, Eric P. (speaker); Unnamed male and female newscasters (speaker) 1/8 inch audio cassette