German 101: Phonology (Die Laute der deutschen Sprache)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Demonstration of “i (lang)”, “i (kurz)”, “i (lang und kurz)”,“i und e (beide lang)”, “e (lang)”, “e (lang und kurz)”, “ä (lang)”,;“e und ä (beide lang)”, etc.
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes are two studio recordings made on 10/11/63 at the LLA; Donald H. Ledin, rec. eng; Nicholas A. Hopkins, ed., c. 1963.
Rein, Kurt; and [Ms.?] Osborne
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Recording script Unknown (researcher) Text
German 101: Phonology [2] Rein, Kurt (speaker) 1/4 inch audio tape
German 101: Phonology [1] Osborne, (Ms.) [?] (speaker) 1/4 inch audio tape