Linguistic atlas of the north-central states: Field recordings

Collection Descriptive Notes
All the interviewers, working from standard lists, evoke vocabulary items from the native consultants In Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Certain of the consultants are assigned a “type”, which William Kretschmar defines as follows: “Type I” designates “folk” speakers with little education and little connection to community life; “Type II” designates “common” speakers with high school education and normal connections; “Type III” refers to persons with higher education, often with more social groups.
Collection Technical Notes
For the most part, these tapes are dubs made in the period 1977-82 from the original field recordings that Mr. R.I. McDavid lent to the LLA after he finished making phonetic transcriptions of them. A small number of these tapes were never retrieved and so remain in the DMA collection. The codes on them are to be read like this: First, the two-letter code is for a state; the number after the state stands for a particular county in that state; any letter after the number stands for a consultant (if there is more than one). So, “IN 12D” stands for the fourth consultant in Marion County, Indiana. Note: A complete set of the WAVE files were sent via peripheral hard drives to William Kretschmar in Georgia. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.