K’iche’ dialect survey; Quiche dialect survey (Wick and Cochojil, 1964-65)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Remigio Cochojil-Gonzalez and Stanley Wick prompt interviews with and elicit vocabulary from numerous native speakers in the Guatemalan departments of Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Totonicapán, and Sololá.
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes are the 46 original field recordings on five-inch reels (numbered 1-3; 3a-13; 13a-40 and 44-47) which were specifically made for excerpting and inclusion in the "Listening In" sections of the Spoken Quiché course. (Note: these 46 do not include Nos. 38, 39 and 40 on seven-inch reels, which are to be found in another collection.) The handwriting on the back of each box is apparently that of Cochojil-Gonzalez, while the code on the spine of each box was probably assigned by N.A. McQuown. (It was also he who interpolated the three Instituto Biblico Quiché tapes into the list as Nos. 38, 39 and 40.) A text on file ("inventario de las cintas Quiché") lists the tapes and the locale of the recordings through No. 41. As of 10/30/18, JJT has renumbered all the 46 tapes, leaving a gap for Nos. 38, 39 and 40. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Various consultants from the locales listed below