French for oral and written review: material from the pattern practice manual
French humor: Fernand Raynaud (in concert)
French humor: Guy Bedos (in concert)
French phonetics
French pronunciation exercises
French sounds (Linguaphone Insitute)
French tales and dialogues
French: Pattern drills (P. Delattre, c. 1960)
Fru Marta Oulie (and) Kristin Lavransdatter; (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Fula basic course [Sene-Gambian dialect] (Foreign Service Institute)
Fyrtøjet /Svinedrengen: To eventyrkomedier i 6 akter frit efter H. C. Andersen
Gadba field recordings (c. 1962); Gadba texts
Gadba word list (A. Zide, c. 1965)
Ganda / Bolum: Words for pitch
Ganda recordings on disc (Ernest Kalibala)
Generasjon; Jødisk partisansang (and) Byen; (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
George Bacovia citeşte din versurile sale
George Topîrceanu: Versuri (recită: Radu Beligan şi Ion Lucian)
Georges Brassens: album No. 2
Georges Brassens: album no. 4
Georges Héreil parle: L’avion caravelle message de la France
Georges Simenon and Jean-Louis Barrault
Georgian field recordings (Tami Wysocki, 2001)
Georgian recording sessions (2008)
Georgian short stories
Georgian stop consonants: The field recordings of Tami Wysocki (1998)
Georgian texts read for Voice of America (c. 1968)
Georgian: A reading grammar
German 101: Phonology (Die Laute der deutschen Sprache)
German 101: Readings
German 102: vocabulary review
German 201 readings
German 201: Märchen und Sagen
German 201: Second graded assignment; [”Der Wolf and der Fuchs” of the brothers Grimm]
German 202: Hörmaterial zur “Reportage”
German humor: Jokes and anecdotes
German humor: Till Eulenspiegel stories
German in review: Revised laboratory programs
German literature: Maria Stuart [excerpts?]
German literature: Readings from The German heritage (and other sources)
German literature: selections from Thomas Mann
German speeches
German through reading: A basic text
German transparent language [sample texts]
German, by Rehder and Twaddell
German: a structural approach (third edition)
German: a structural approach [first edition?]
German: a structural approach: “Ein Mann kommt nach San Francisco”
German: a structural approach: pronunciation drills