Beginning Tamil (Developed version) [Chicago]: Pronunciation and units 1-4; 6-11; Introductory Tamil

Collection Descriptive Notes
Co-author Mythili Haq voices: Pronunciation Drills; Units 1-4; 6-11 ("incorporating materials from both the Beginning Tamil book and A First Reader in Tamil "--from the back of the Tape 1 box. Tape was recorded using the "written" and "spoken" variants of the “Brahmin” dialect. Note: The speaker introduces each lesson with the title "Introductory Tamil".
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes were recorded at the Language Laboratory studio in May-June 1965. The series is only partially edited. The rest of the lessons were recorded at the University of Wisconsin (q.v.) with the numbering resuming with "Unit 11" though it is NOT the same lesson as the Unit 11 in this collection. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Haq, Mythili
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