Bengali: Shulpur dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Sylhet dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Beowulf, Caedmon’s hymn and other Old English poems
Beowulf, read in Old English by Kemp Malone
Bernardino Tun sings two songs in Maya
Beyond the mind’s eye: a computer animation odyssey
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the English language: Anglo-Hindi edition (twelfth edition)
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the Hindi language: Hindi-English edition (revised and enlarged)
Bier, Fussball und Kultur: Ein Porträt der Ruhrmetropole Dortmund
Birds, by Aristophanes; The living voice of Greek and Latin literature
Black Carib dialogues and vocabulary (Noyes); Garifuna dialogues and vocabulary (Noyes)
Black Carib music (Noyes); Garifuna music (Noyes)
Blålys (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Blåpapiret; Konkylien (and) Oppbrudd (from Norsk litteraturantologi);
Blgarski narodni govori
Bol-caal kii Hindii (University of Wisconsin)
Bolum (Sierra Leone): Recordings on disc
Bonobo people
Bonobo series (1997)
Bonobo series [Research on animal behavior]
Borana Galla field recordings (P. Black , 1970)
Borchert’s readings of Chinese texts
Boris Godounov (Excerpts)
Boris Mashalov sings Bulgarian folk songs
Boro Roganović sings
Bovese Greek interviews (Hamp, 1956)
Boys and girls are different (AD 2/1/95)
Brain dissection and surface anatomy for the communication sciences [Parts 1 & 2]
Brain imaging: Concepts and applications for speech-language pathology
Brao field recordings (Cambodia, 1966)
Brasil! lingua e cultura
Breaking the sound barrier: An introductory course in the Yoruba language of Nigeria
Breton language program: Computer tape for Breton language data processing
Broadcast transcriptions in “Turkistani” (1952)
Brush up your Italian (Linguaphone brush up series)
Brush up your Spanish (Refresque usted su español)
Bulgarian basic course: Volumes 1 & 2 (Foreign Service Institute, 1961)
Bulgarian individualized course: Elementary, intermediate and advanced (Ohio State University)
Bullom So: "Spider and Tortoise" (riddles)
Bumbita Arapesh: Lise Dobrin’s dissertation materials (1998-99)
Buna songs (1941)
Bunraku [puppet theater] [1]
Bunraku [puppet theater] [2]
Burg Wartenstein 1967
Burg Wartenstein 1967 (07/27/1967)
Burmese: An introduction to the literary style
Burmese: An introduction to the script
Burmese: An introduction to the spoken language: Book 2; Burmese: Intro to spoken language: Book 2
Burmese: Intro to spoken language: Book 1; Burmese: Introduction to the spoken language: Book 1
Burushaski phonology, morphology and syntax (G. Anderson, 1998)