Hispanophone Spanish course
Historical linguistics seminar; On the reconstruction of Indo-European (Hamp, 1989-90)
Holiday Music: German Holiday Music and English Madrigals
Holly Harootunian/Flute/March 10, 1975
Holly’s flute demo
Holt - Spoken Portuguese - (Brazilian)
Holt German; Spoken German: Basic course (U.S.A.F.I.): Units 1-12 [on tape]
Holt Iraqi Arabic; Spoken Iraqi Arabic
Holt Italian
Holt spoken Dutch
Holt spoken Greek
Home study course in basic Esperanto: the international “second language”
Homer's Iliad: Teaching tapes (Adkins, c. 1975)
Homer’s Iliad: Excerpt from Book IX (Redfield)
Homer’s Iliad: Vocabulary tapes
Hör zu und sing mit [a sampler from Album of twenty-seven German songs]
Hrvatskosrpski audio-vizualina metoda
Hrvatskosrpski: Audio-vizualna metoda [in two parts]
Hsiao ching [Xiao jing] [paused reading]
Huastec phonetics (McQuown, c. 1959)
Huastec texts: Field recordings on aluminum discs (Andrade, 1933); Textos huastecos
Huastec texts: Field recordings on aluminum discs dubbed onto tapes (c. 1956, c. 1964); Textos huastecos
Huastec ["wastéko"] vocabulary: body parts (1940)
Huichol chants and folk songs (Grimes)
HUM 111: Poetry concert (1960)
Humanities 130-31-32: Form, problem, event
Humanities 207: Faulkner: "Descent into vortex" (James Miller)
Humanities II lectures (1963-67)
Hungarian basic course (Foreign Service Institute) [Vol. I]
Hungarian basic course (U.S.A.F.I) [studio recording]
Hva sier du? Uttaleøvelser i Norsk;
I too have lived in Arcadia, a pastoral by V.R. Lang
I.A.L.L. presents a laboratory tour: vol. 1 (July,1990)
I.L. Caragiale: Three plays ("D-ale carnavalului")
I.L. Caragiale: Two short stage works
IALL 1991 lab tours
IALL 2001 presentation <EFL 2000> edited version
Icelandic: Text, paradigms and sentences
İki kadın [Two women] (from: Turkish literary reader)
IMSL/IDL: Mathematics you can see...interactive visualization software
Indian music (Kees Bolle)
Indian speech: Sioux, Hopi, Navajo
Indonesian [Diffloth revision of Monterey materials]
Initials and finals in common speech of Chinese [with] tone combinations and tone sandhi
Inkuti pukunot oo lMaasai
Institute for Academic Technology: An introduction
Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indĺgenas Publications
Integrated Chinese: level 1
Integrated Chinese: Level 2
Integrated Chinese: level 2: traditional and simplified character edition: textbook