Fichead leasan Gaidhlig; Learn Gaelic
Field Methods class (Winter 2005); Linguistics 33950 Winter 2005
Field recordings from Ocosingo [in Spanish] (J. Pitt-Rivers, 1960); The Chiapas Project
Field recordings from Rajasthan (A.G. Gold, 1979-80)
Field recordings from Spain (Sarah Phillips, 2002)
Fiesta de la Casa de Solteros - 09/15/1958
Fiesta del equipo de basquetbol - Julio 1961
Figurer i grønlandsk mytologi; Kalaallisut: Carl Olsen reads from "Characters of the Greenland mythology" [unedited]; Kalãtdlit ugperissatoqaisa inugtaisa ilait
Filltar i shqipes: biseda dhe lexime, read by Kostas Kazazis (c. 1967)
Fîntîna blanduziei, by V. Alecsandri
First year Hindi course: Volumes I and II
First year Polish
First-year Hebrew: Supplementary texts
First-year Hindi: Pronunciation (from Gumperz), read by Chandola
First-year Turkish readings
Five Tojolabal texts to accompany Louanna Furbee's dissertation
Flathead Indian pronunciation drills
Folk music: various American/Lebanese/Spanish
Folk songs and ballads of England (Deller Consort)
Folk songs of Bengal [from a phonograph record]
Folk songs of Hungary (Bartók Recording Studio)
Folk songs of Scotland and Canada;; Anglo-American folk songs
Fonémica del ixcateco; Textos y vocabularios ixcatecos (1950)
Foreign Service Institute Serbo-Croatian basic course
Foreign Service Institute Spoken German
Foreign Service Institute Swahili: An active introduction/general conversation
Forme et fond
Four Czech fairy tales
Four popular Greek songs
Français: Les sons (Linguaphone Institute)
Francisco Ayala, reading from his own works
François Villon: Ballade des pendus
Fred Eggan, interviewed by George W. Stocking at the University of Chicago on December 22, 1969
French for oral and written review: material from the pattern practice manual
French humor: Fernand Raynaud (in concert)
French humor: Guy Bedos (in concert)
French phonetics
French pronunciation exercises
French sounds (Linguaphone Insitute)
French tales and dialogues
French: Pattern drills (P. Delattre, c. 1960)
Fru Marta Oulie (and) Kristin Lavransdatter; (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Fula basic course [Sene-Gambian dialect] (Foreign Service Institute)
Fyrtøjet /Svinedrengen: To eventyrkomedier i 6 akter frit efter H. C. Andersen
Gadba field recordings (c. 1962); Gadba texts
Gadba word list (A. Zide, c. 1965)
Ganda / Bolum: Words for pitch
Ganda recordings on disc (Ernest Kalibala)
Generasjon; Jødisk partisansang (and) Byen; (from Norsk litteraturantologi)