Sounds of Spanish on aluminum discs [Album No. 1]

Collection Descriptive Notes
Speakers of Iberian Spanish voice examples of various vowels and consonants (derived from an unknown textbook) as well as classic texts. It is not known why these recordings were made.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records consist of nine needle-cut aluminum discs (out of an original 11) of varying sizes: 1) three 8-inch “Fairchild Professional Record” discs; 2) two 7-inch “Speak-O-Phone” discs; 3) two 10-inch "Fairchild Professional Record" discs; and 4) two 10-inch discs of unknown make. The titles of each item are drawn from the inked notations on each record sleeve. Note: the code numbers like 22-1 may refer to a specific speaker. (Clarence E. Parmenter Collection) The Table of Contents has been scanned, and (unreviewed) WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
García del Valle, Isaac; Ramón de Campoamor; Victoria Baylos;
et al. (?)
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
[Unlabelled] Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
Consonantes, palatales, exercicios de conjunto Campoamor, Ramón de (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker) Record
Consonantes, poema García del Valle, Isaac (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
Consonantes: lateral, alveolar [...] Baylos, Victoria (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
e cerrada, e abierta Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
Fricativa / Alveolar sorda / 5 (4B) Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
Lluvia de jotas Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
O cerrada, O abierta Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
Oclusivas: PTK; fricativas: C, Z Treviño, Salomón N. (speaker); Unknown (author) Record
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