Beginning Norwegian (third edition)
Beginning Polish: volume I (revised edition)
Beginning Tamil (Developed version) [Chicago]: Pronunciation and units 1-4; 6-11; Introductory Tamil
Beginning Tamil (Developed version) [Wisconsin]: Units 11-21; Introductory Tamil
Beginning Tamil (Haq: 1963 version) (Brahmin dialect)
Beginning Tamil: Supplementary recordings
Bengal folk songs (with English commentary)
Bengali II readings (c. 1960)
Bengali nursery rhymes (in two parts)
Bengali poetry; Tamil tapes: Conversations (Addiss)
Bengali stories (for the intermediate level)
Bengali: Chittagong dialect recordings (1965); Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Mymensingh dialect recording (P.S. Ray, c. 1962)
Bengali: Mymensingh dialect recording; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Noakhali dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Rangpur dialect recording; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Shulpur dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Sylhet dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Beowulf, Caedmon’s hymn and other Old English poems
Beowulf, read in Old English by Kemp Malone
Bernardino Tun sings two songs in Maya
Beyond the mind’s eye: a computer animation odyssey
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the English language: Anglo-Hindi edition (twelfth edition)
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the Hindi language: Hindi-English edition (revised and enlarged)
Bier, Fussball und Kultur: Ein Porträt der Ruhrmetropole Dortmund
Birds, by Aristophanes; The living voice of Greek and Latin literature
Black Carib dialogues and vocabulary (Noyes); Garifuna dialogues and vocabulary (Noyes)
Black Carib music (Noyes); Garifuna music (Noyes)
Blålys (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Blåpapiret; Konkylien (and) Oppbrudd (from Norsk litteraturantologi);
Blgarski narodni govori
Bol-caal kii Hindii (University of Wisconsin)
Bolum (Sierra Leone): Recordings on disc
Bonobo people
Bonobo series (1997)
Bonobo series [Research on animal behavior]
Borana Galla field recordings (P. Black , 1970)
Borchert’s readings of Chinese texts
Boris Godounov (Excerpts)
Boris Mashalov sings Bulgarian folk songs
Boro Roganović sings
Bovese Greek interviews (Hamp, 1956)
Boys and girls are different (AD 2/1/95)
Brain dissection and surface anatomy for the communication sciences [Parts 1 & 2]
Brain imaging: Concepts and applications for speech-language pathology
Brao field recordings (Cambodia, 1966)
Brasil! lingua e cultura
Breaking the sound barrier: An introductory course in the Yoruba language of Nigeria
Breton language program: Computer tape for Breton language data processing
Broadcast transcriptions in “Turkistani” (1952)