Circling the globe with speech: Spanish: Volume II

Collection Descriptive Notes
In texts 1-6 (only) of Volume II native speakers from Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile discourse on their home towns.
Collection Technical Notes
Master [7.5 ips, half-track] was dubbed c. 1962 in the LLA (?) apparently from a phonograph record, Wilmac Language Records, CGS 105, lent to the LLA (or the master may be a copy of another tape, now missing); wound off from the original seven-inch reel onto a hub JJT 8/16/82.
Aguilar, Francisco Dorado; Adelina Morales; Francisco Castelló Cubells; Ramón Rubio; Dora Rodríguez and Ricardo de la Fuente
This collection has no playable audio.