Two short stories
Two soliloquies from Shakespeare, dramatized by John Barrymore
Two songs by Giorgos Mouzakis
Two songs in Catalán
Two stories
Two tales
Two tales by Maxim Gorkii
Two Tamil short stories, read by Rani Fedson
Two Tibetan texts
Two Turkish folktales, told in Turkish
Tzeltal X-rays
Tzeltal-Tzotzil survey: Cuestionario lingüistico (with N.A. Hopkins' cover letter)
Tzeltal: A collection of Andres Medina's Chanal interviews plus a session of band music (1959?)
Tzeltal: Aguacatenango stress patterns (Berlin, 1964)
Tzeltal: Esbozo de la fonologia del tzeltal de Tenejapa: Ejemplos (McQuown, 1962)
Tzotzil: Chilil recording (1961)
Tzotzil: North Tzotzil survey: Thematic apperception tests (A. Rubel, 1961)
Tzotzil: Sisim recording
Tzotzil: Zapotal recordings (Sarles, 1961)
Tzotzil: Zinacantan recordings (1961)
U of C heritage recordings
U. of C. perspectives - 1973
U.S.A.F.I. Spoken Albanian (+ Polish Voice of America)
U.S.A.F.I. Spoken Albanian: Units 1-30 (A. Bimbli)
Un castellano viejo
Un Don Juan
Un vieux lapin
Una historia del cante flamenco
Uncle Vanya
University of Chicago Chiapas Project 1956-1962: Roster of informants
University of Chicago Melanesian Pidgin: Introductory conversation (1943)
Urban action: Planning for change
Uzbek (from the University of Washington)
Uzbek Radio [Soviet]
Uzbek reader
V.O.A. 56’ / Swedish play
Václav Havel: speech of January 1, 1990
Valle-Inclán: Sonata de primavera [read twice]
Vannetais Breton (Ploemel) (Hamp, 1959)
Var bytrun lyckligare?
Varieties of spoken English
Vasilii Terkin: fragments from the poem
Vedic recitation and chant (from: A musical anthology of the Orient)
Veien til verdens ende (and) Jeg er blitt glad i en annen
Vermont-Vermont interview [audio]
Victor Hugo: Four poems: "Après la bataille", etc.
Victor Hugo: Three poems: "Sonnez, sonnez toujours...", etc.
Victor Yngve research films