Rumanian literature: Eminescu, Caragiale, Sadoveanu
Rumanian theatre: Steaua fara nume, Ziaristii, O scrisoare pierduta, and Chirita in provincie
Ruslan i Lyudmila
Russian 201: texts and questions, Nos. 1-6
Russian as we speak it
Russian as we speak it [USSR version]
Russian as we speak it: govorite po Russkii; (second edition revised)
Russian conversational course (Linguaphone Institute)
Russian for foreigners: Intonation exercises and literary selections
Russian intonation (Bryzogunova, 1967)
Russian morphology: Rebekka Egger’s linguistic research (2000-03)
Russian phonetics on aluminum discs
Russian poetry and prose, read in Russian by Vladimir Markov
Russian poetry, read in Russian by Larissa Gatova
Russian poetry, read in Russian by Vladimir Yakhontov
Russian recordings available in the Speech Laboratory
Russian sounds (Linguaphone Institute)
Russian: elementary course: Book II (third edition, revised)
Russian: Gramophone practical (?)
Russian: stage one
Russian: three sample “A-LM” practice records
Russkii kharakter, by Alexei Tolstoy
Russkii yazyk dlya vsekh: Basic course (second edition)
Russkoye literaturnoye proiznosheniye, by R.I. Avanesov (1972)
Ruy Blas: act III, scene 4: “Bon appétit messieurs” [sic]
SA 233-234-235; Second-year Hindi class tapes (M. Mishra)
Saint-John Perse nous confie: La lampe d’argile du poète
Salikoko Mufwene on Ebonics (Mara Tap interview on WBEZ-FM, 1/22/97)
Saludo a las repúblicas americanas
Sample CSRA interviews (October 1976)
Sample words and phrases in Tewa (1967)
Sampler of the languages of India: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam
Samples of Iraqi Arabic (Friedrich, c. 1969)
Samples of Yurok (Buckley, 1976)
San Bartolo/Chanal/Oxchuc
San Bartolo: The Trio San Bartolo performs (1958)
San Carlos Apache examples (D. Bartholomew, c. 1955)
Sanskrit excerpts (from All-India Radio c. 1955)
Sanskrit grammar: Lessons 1-28 [incomplete]
Sanskrit miscellany [Bhagavad Gita and Valmiki Rāmāyana excerpts]
Sanskrit recitation (Pollock, 1984)
Satirical works of Dehkhoda
Satyajit Ray answers questions [in English] (University of Chicago, 1973)
Say it correctly in Russian
Say it correctly series: Portuguese; Say it correctly series: Portuguese
Say it in Portuguese
Scenes from Hamlet and Macbeth
Scenes from Norwegian plays
Scottish Gaelic: Cowal (AB) (Hamp, 1984)
Scottish Gaelic: Cowal (DM) (Hamp, 1984)