Quileute texts (Hamp, 1969-70)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Hamp, reading from Quileute Texts (by Manuel J. Andrade, Columbia University Press, 1931), prompts a native speaker (female) to correct his pronunciation and offer further notes on native culture. The locale is Toholah on the Quinault Indian Reservation in Washington State. (Note: Much of this information comes from the website of the American Philosophical Society, to which Hamp donated five tapes in 1969.--JJT, 4/6/17)
Collection Technical Notes
Despite the fact that Hamp donated some tapes in 1969 to the American Philosophical Sociey, these tapes are probably the original field recordings, which he donated to the LLA. (So the loud hiss that pervades many of tapes seems to result from the gain level being set too low during recording.) Note: The "(OT)" code on the tapes stands for "original tape", and it was Norman McQuown who assigned two different shelf codes to the series: "QUL 82" and "QUL 49". WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Hamp, Eric P., researcher
Elizabeth Black and Erna Gunther, consultants
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